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I'm Camila, nice To meet you!

The short and more alluring answer is that I am an attorney, practicing in New York, representing injured workers.  I have my own law firm, and my practice is thriving.  I am also an former model, a polyglot (I speak 5 languages), a wife to a kind, loving, handsome and successful real estate developer CFO, a mother to two amazing Yorkie pupsters, and the only child of successful immigrant parents who shower me with love.   I am a foodie and a globe trotter who makes friends easily, and I have a seemingly perfect life.  But trust me when I say this, it wasn't always like this...

Life can always seem perfect on paper.  We think we know what's important but in reality in seeking that perfect-on-paper life we neglect the thing that matters most: our true selves.  My true self took second seat to my ego for a large portion of my life, and my ego, albeit important, was not a kind being.  

My relationship with my self was a real challenge - I struggled many times with accepting my true self, being confident, and being unapologetically me.  My relationship with my husband was not always perfect, and at one point it was filled with resentment on my part because I had moved to NY just because of him (and I did not like NY at all at first, actually not for 10 years).  My law school experience was stressful.  It was a cut-throat judgmental environment filled with competitive pedantic people (at least that's how I felt, though I am passing judgment with this statement).  

I suffered some traumatic life experiences and battled some health issues (which I will gladly share if and when we connect one on one) that made me agoraphobic and caused me to waste most of my 20s.  I literally could not go places alone, which made going to law school and later to work a real challenge.  I still somehow managed to graduate at the top of my class, pass the NY bar on my first try, and get a job right away.  My first job as an attorney paid less than a secretary's salary though, and I started questioning why I spent 7 years between undergraduate and law school for this.  It was also not in the field I wanted, but it turned out to be the perfect field for me, a field that needed me.  

It turned out that I was a great workers' comp attorney, not only because it was easy for me to learn languages so I learned comp law easily (any comp attorney will tell you it's its own separate language), but because I LOVED lifting people up, and there is no field of law where that is more necessary than comp.  Many injured workers lose it all: their health, their job, their family, their sense of self.  I was their mentor, their psychologist, their life coach.  And I still am.  I am so great at it that in a firm with dozens of people, clients would only want to speak with me.  In a world filled with belittling where each client was nothing more than a file, I was filled with compassion, understanding, and hope. 

Within months of being in that firm, I was hired to start the comp department at a bigger firm, and I did so successfully.  I not only was making more money but I also commuted with my husband to work everyday because we worked in the same building.  Despite all of that being so ideal, I knew that I had to have my own practice, one that allowed me the freedom to treat people as I would like to be treated and as they needed and deserved to be treated: with kindness, respect, and compassion.  I wanted to spend more time listening to my clients, because my goal was not just to figure out how to make money in the case and whether the case was worth my time, but it was to help a person who needed my help and whose life I could improve.  

I started my own law firm, the first results-only-work-environment law firm in the country, not even 2 years out of law school, out of thin air.  My family and my husband were terrified, my friends thought I was crazy for giving up a high paying job with benefits and a fast track partnership path, and everyone kept asking me how I planned on getting clients.  I kept repeating that it was like the movie "Field of Dreams": If you build it, they will come.  And come they did.  

I am now one of the most successful workers' comp attorneys in NY, and the number one in client satisfaction.  I have free time to live my life while simultaneously dedicating enough time to my clients' needs and getting them unparalleled results while making them feel like they are my only client.  I work from home, most of the time in my pajamas, I take as many vacation days as I want without asking anyone's permission, I have traveled the world and I overcame agoraphobia.  After 10 years in NY I finally made real friends.  My relationship with my husband has never been more candid, open, or more loving.  We are the happiest married couple I know.  But it took a lot of sweat and tears to get here.

Still, up to now, it felt like something was missing.  The best part of my job as an attorney is coaching my clients into better lives.  I also flirted with the idea of being a life coach since 2006, when I first started law school and thought about quitting school everyday.  I even made life coaching business cards, but never gave them out.  At the time I thought I was still early on in my soul searching journey, taking Meditation classes, reading Deepak Chopra and Rumi, trying to "find myself".  I couldn't fathom helping other people "find themselves" when I was still searching for who I was.  I later learned that we are not a ten dollar bill in last winter's coat pocket to be "found".  We are not lost.  Our true selves are right there, buried under cultural conditioning, other people's opinions, and inaccurate conclusions we drew as kids that became our beliefs about who we are.  Finding ourselves is actually returning to ourselves.  An unleashing, an excavation, a remembering of who we were before the world got a hold of us.  

The truth is, there is no right or perfect time for anything.  There is only opportunity and the energy required to align with it.  Turns out we are all always a work in progress, there is always room for improvement.  And the many certifications I have gotten since, being a Certified Transformative Mediator, a Meditation Teacher, and a Lawyer helping people who are injured, have certainly given me a stronger base to be able to help others.  But my clients have been my biggest supporters.  They want me to help people who are not necessarily injured at work.  They ask me to speak to their friends and their family members during different types of hardship or crossroads.  And most importantly, my heart says I am meant to do this while my record shows I am great at it.  So here I am.  

I can tell you this: I have overcome depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, fear of failure, anger and rage issues, self-destructing behaviors, and even simply being numb to life and not feeling anything at all.  I have gone from having impostor syndrome to knowing my worth.  For ten years I have been life coaching my clients from the lowest of lows in their lives to lives they never dreamed of.  It is common for me to hear that their injuries were a blessing in disguise and the best thing that ever happened to them, which is so oxymoronic, but so true in many ways.  

Maybe you are not injured, but you are at the lowest of lows.  Maybe you're not at your lowest of lows, but you don't want to get there.  Maybe you are just tired of being tired.  Maybe you are tired of not feeling anything, no highs and no lows.  Maybe you want to find balance and stop living in the extremes.  Maybe you are struggling through a twin flame journey that is making you question your sanity.  Maybe you want to learn to meditate.  Maybe you just want to be the best you that you can be.  Whatever your reason is for being here, it's not a coincidence.  It is not an accident.   Our paths were meant to cross.    Like Maya Angelou once said, "my mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style".  

Life is energy and energy vibrates.  Each cluster of cells in our body, each organ, vibrates at a different frequency, and so does everything in the universe.  In order to get what we want, as in the law of attraction, we must be tuned in to the right frequency.   

Welcome to my high vibe world.  I am your high vibe advocate and I am so glad you finally made it here.  Let's begin.